Virtex Edge Dev Blog: So What Works Out of the Box.

3 Firing up Xaramin and adding each of my *.cs files into the new project. I found there were actually very few issues building the actual C# code. The issues showed up when I was building the content using the MonoGame Pipeline tool.

So the initial results.

  • Textures: Compiled no problem.
  • Models: Required I exported them using the Binary exporter in Blender.
  • Shaders: …..Some worked, some…not so much.
  • Audio: Didn’t try yet since shaders essentially exploded.
Models took a little tinkering with, but the shaders were the biggest issue. Simple ones compiled, but my main model shader just spat out error after error after each fix i did, and often quiet cryptic, so this leads to where I am now, re-building the rendering engine feature by feature. Happy Days indeed :).

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