First Look at Metric Racer

So I’ve been hard at work over at Virtex Edge, and I’m happy to show the first glimpse at Metric Racer. I first started working on it years ago when i first got into gaming, but only now I had the knowledge to actually finish it. It’s built on a cross platform engine with the back end in monogame and XNA. It will be coming to PC, Linux, and Mobile this winter 2015. I’ll definitely be posting more stuff soon, but until then, enjoy.


2 responses to “First Look at Metric Racer

  1. Great video with a nice sense of speed in the game. Minor things to improve are the explosion animations and the mountain textures which are a little too repetitive.


    • Thanks locksleyu, ya I improved the mountain textures the day after I posted that video as I had the same thought 🙂

      And yes, I definitely think the explosion needs some work. 😀

      I’ll be posting more as it comes along!

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