Virtex Edge Dev Blog: Onwards from XNA

Depth Of Field Tests

A few years ago now Microsoft pulled the plug on it’s indie platform XNA. Years of code, samples and work was suddenly unsupported on a dead platform. The saving grace? MonoGame. For years I had fiddle with MonoGame but it was never as easy to use as XNA.

MonoGame has finally gotten to the point that it’s almost cut the chord with XNA/Windows and already supports more than a handful of platforms, where XNA was only ever Windows, Xbox 360 and the Zune at first and then the Windows Phone.

Incorporating Virtex Edge Design earlier this year, I decided it best to port over my main engine over too MonoGame. It isn’t a straight forward process as I’m porting over not only the usual normal mapping, but also Deferred Rendering lighting, Cascade Shadow mapping and Crepuscularrays to only mention a few. I managed to get small samples running on their own, but to put everything together under the same engine is the “fun” part.

I’ll be updating this as I go, and you can always get a scoop on new releases over at my main site.


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