Chrome Bookmarks – If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Chrome, the chosen one. But like a one-time A-list actor from the 90’s, who upon years of living at that level, has become fat and bloated with the ego which comes along with that title. For some reason in the last few weeks they updated the bookmark manager to be flashy, and more interactive. And they broke it. It is buggy, un-intuitive and a general pain in the ass to use. If it isn’t broken, it doesn’t have enough features yet… So how do you disable it? After quick google search and coming across a post on omgchrome, it turns out it’s easy enough!

01 - New Bookmark Manager

If it isn’t broken, Don’t fix it.

How To

1. In chrome’s address bar, type in:


2. In the drop down menu under Enable Enhanced Bookmarks, select ‘Disabled’.

02 - How to Disable

3. A ‘Restart’ button will popup along the bottom of Chrome. Click it.

4. Voila!

03 - Back To Normal

Like most things, this feature will probably not exist forever. Or maybe google might fix the new manager, but until then, this does the trick and gets you back to the old bookmark manager.


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