Never liked gravity much anyways…

Since moving to Montreal, I”ve been pretty busy, but things have managed to slow down a little so I decided to tackle building a Quadcopter, something I’ve wanted to do since early in university. I’ve already have an arduino and am familiar with how to program one, but it’s newer hardware I’ve never played with before, so this will be a learning experence (yay…….)

I finally got the parts, (See image) They’re :

9 DOF IMU from spark fun

4 x Turnigy Brushless Motors (each should pump out about 620 g of thrust)

6 x 8x4R Propellers (2 CW, 2 CCW, 1 spare of each)

4 x Hobbyking 25A ESC for motor control,

2200 mAh Lipo Battery,

Hopefully I’ll be able to put this all together pretty soon!



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